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🥇INTERIOR DESIGNERS tell us about BEDROOM REMODEL ideas in 2021🥇

May 17, 2021 1:02 Published by Mila Gonzales
  • Interior designers believe that sage green bedding and antique screens can elevate their space.
  • Industrial decoration and decorative walls may be disappearing, according to professionals.


The bedrooms are meant to be sanctuaries, so decorating them properly is an important task.

This week at acepto.es we tell you about the opinion of professional interior designers about the most popular bedroom remodel ideas for 2021 and what trends should soon be left behind.


Sage green bedding is a relaxing trend.

ropa de cama verde salvia

ropa de cama verde salvia

Sage green is a relaxing and sophisticated color.dabyki.nadya / Shuttershock


Andra DelMonico, interior designer at Next Luxury, said these colored bedding is gaining popularity.

“Sage green is soothing, soft and sophisticated,” DelMonico said. “It’s the adult version of its basic green.”

Try combining sage bedding with other soft colors such as pale yellow, cream or pastel pink. The tone also works on other bedroom textiles, such as cushions and upholstery.


Four-poster bed frames add drama.

cama con dosel de hierro

Specifically, the iron frames are elegant and functional. archideaphoto / Shuttershock


Dramatic bedroom designs are trending, and nothing makes a statement like a bed frame canopy.

“Having a canopy in your bedroom can give your room a sense of elegance,” DelMonico said. “Iron canopies, in particular, are elegant and at the same time allow plenty of light.”

DelMonico suggested that if you opt for an iron alternative, you should add white linen for strong contrast and a clean, modern aesthetic.


Vintage, practical and elegant screens.

mampara de dormitorio

The bulkheads can also be used as a single headboard. brizmaker / Shuttershock


The screens are perfect for dividing a space, adding privacy and dampening the sound, and vintage options are particularly having a moment of decoration.

“These screens can give a bedroom an old-world style feel while separating spaces, which will be invaluable in 2021,” DelMonico said.

You can use a screen to hide a bedroom’s desk or tilt it behind your bed for a single headboard.


Wallpaper is a non-destructive way to decorate.

papel pintado del dormitorio

The take-off and paste wallpaper is easy to remove. Photographee.eu/Shuttershock


Michelle Harrison-McAllister of Michelle Harrison Design told her that this simple addition is a rising trend.

“Take-off and paste murals are a popular bedroom statement right now,” Harrison-McAllister said. “We’re even seeing this trend spreading to the ceiling.”

Temporary decals and wallpaper are also ideal for children’s bedrooms or rented houses where decoration may need to be changed.


Natural and harmonic textures.

sillas de mimbre

Wicker furniture is expected to become more popular. stock_studio / Shuttershock


Kobi Karp, kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design’s lead interior designer, said next season’s bedroom styles will feature largely natural pieces.

“The use of earthy tones and textures allows rooms to feel like comforting and safe spaces for those looking to escape the outside world,” Karp said.

Fabrics such as linen and cotton are good bedding options, and rattan, wood or wicker furniture evokes a natural environment.


Decorative walls are becoming obsolete.

pared de acento en el dormitorio

Decorative walls can limit decoration options. chintankumar gajjar / Shuttershock


Karp said the accent wall trend is quickly becoming obsolete.

“Decorative walls tend to dictate the decoration scheme and limit decorative options,” Karp said. “They can also make a room look smaller, depending on the color you use.”

To add style to your bedroom without paint or wallpaper, opt for an eye-catching headboard or hang an oversized artwork.



Industrial parts can often look cold.

dormitorio de estilo industrial con ladrillo

Concrete statements and metal accessories are apparently going out of style. Dariusz Jarzabek / Shuttershock


Stripped industrial designs have been strengthened for years, but the raw edges and hard metallic finishes of this style are going out of style.

“The rooms are designed to feel warm and cozy, and industrial finishes tend to feel sterile and cold,” Karp said.

Industrial design elements such as Edison bulbs and concrete can give way to plush fabrics and furniture with rounded corners.

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