How it works

A wide community of clients and construction professional craftsman awaits you
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If you are a professional though, you can take advantage of our promotion and enjoy all the features totally free until 2021.

The idea is to bring together certain individuals with a project and professionals looking for a new opportunity to prove their skills and competence. As a client you can registere yourself on, create a new project and share some details and even pictures of your idea. Simple as that. Our registered professionals that live near you will see your ad as a new project in theire area and can contact you to send you an offer.

And heres to our professionals. Although you got to choose one of our business packages at registration, you can use our services for free till 2021 due to Covid-19. After that you can benefit from different advantages based on your selected package.
Create an account and find ne customers! Represent your company from it’s best side and open yourself the door to hundreds of new project and clients that hopefully will be satisfied with your work and stay in business with you.

How to add a project


Do you want to give your living room a new touch or  renovate the kitchen? Do you create the garden of your dreams or might even want to install a whirlpool you had your eye on for a while?

What’s your project? Tell us in a simple process about your idea and what you need to fullfill it in less than a minute! You can get offers from professional craftsmen in your area and choose wich one fits you best. Simple as that!

As soon as your project is done you can rate the craftman that helped you. You can also collect points to get coupons or take part on our sweepstakes and so much more!

Join Acepto today! It’s completely free to use for clients!

Create your project

Just assign a title an tell us what kind of project you’ve got, as well as the deadline and your budget.

Add some nice pictures, plans or documentations that might help our professionals.

You can easily create your project by following the step by step instruction on our app!


Before you upload your ad can view the summary with all the provided information so that you can have a look if everything fits. If not – just edit your project!

Remember – the more information the better!


As soon as you passed the registration process you have access to your own personal dashboard, where you’ll find an overview of all your recent projects as well as your profile.

We assure you it’s very simple!

Been given you still might have some questions make sure to contact our customer service via mail under ! We’ll be glad to assist you on any kind of matter!

We hope you enjoy your experience with Acepto!


How to find projects


Are you a professional and want to find trustworthy customers to work with?

Join our network and find thousands of new projects near you. Just contact registered customers and negotiate the budget. Simple as that!

And more is yet to come! Due to Covid-19 we offer all our professionals a free subscription with access to great benefits and pro functions till december 31st 2020!

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Present your company

As a professional craftman you get the opportunity to respresent yourself at your best and acquire new customers.

You can benefit from a varity of advantages that assure you many new projects. Clients can have a look at your profile if you send them an offer so make sure to give as much information about you and your work as possible!

Find customers

If you filled in the fields of your profession and services correctly you will get a closer look on all potential projects in your area.

Via GPS we are able to let you receive real time messages on projects that might have ben just set around your corner!

Send any customer an offer and receive a rating in return.