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Acepto offers you the possibility of creating a user profile adapted to your needs.


If what you are looking for are professionals for a work or remodeling, you need to create a Customer Account.
With the Customer Account you can:

➤ Publish posts of projects you want to do, indicating a title and a description of what you want to do, as well as plans, photos, budget, location and more.
➤ Likewise, you can also search among the different profiles of professionals published on our website.
➤ Compare and choose without any kind of commitment or additional cost.
➤ You will be contacted by professionals in your area and you will receive estimations.
➤ Once the project is finished, you can leave an assessment of the professional who has assisted you.
Receive points to exchange for prizes or discounts every time you hire a professional through Acepto.


If you are a company or self-employed and what you are looking for is to expand your customer portfolio, the account you have to create is the Professional Account.
With the Professional Account you can:

➤ Publish your company logo and data in your own area for professionals.
➤ Search among the projects that our customer users publish and offer estimates.
➤ Receive alerts in real time of the new projects that are published, in the areas that you choose, if you have chosen the Pro or Premium account, or if you are using Acepto in 2020 thanks to the Special 2020 promotion.
➤ Publish projects that you have done previously to show your future customer how you work.
➤ Publish customer reviews for whom you have carried out a project.


Publish a project (for customers)

Provide a title and the type of project you want to complete, as well as the deadline and your budget.

Add photos, plans or any documentation that may be of help to professionals.

Before publishing your ad you will be able to see a summary of all the data provided and verify that everything is correct or, otherwise, edit your ad.

Once the registration process for the announcement of your project is finished, you will access the control panel with all the announcements that you have created to date and where you can edit, update, delete, save as finished, etc.

Offer a service (for professionals)

Once you have created your Professional Account, you can create your first ad to offer your services.

Click on the “new project” button and fill in the requested fields.

Add a title and description of the services you offer and the area where you work, as well as reference prices, photos, etc.

If you have a Pro or Premium Subscription, you can highlight your ad so that it is positioned at the top of the list; this way it will be more visible to users and you will have a better chance of being hired.

Once you have published your ad, you will be able to see a list of all your active ads in the control panel that you will find in your profile. In this way you can modify or delete them if you need it.


If you register as a customer on Acepto, your account will be totally free forever.

In case you want to register as a professional, we offer you different solutions:

Special 2020

Due to the recent coronavirus crisis, Acepto wants to offer all the professionals registered on our platform all Premium services at no cost until the end of 2020.

Our purpose is to help your business recover quickly from any setbacks this event may have caused.

Starting in 2021, if you have a professional account, you must contract one of the following subscriptions:

Basic Subscription

➤ Basic file with your company data
➤ Your company will not appear in the recommendations when a customer publishes a project.

Pro Subscription

➤ File with your company data and a maximum of 3 photos of completed projects.
➤ Your company will appear recommended in up to 3 published projects (below the companies with Premium subscription)

Premium Subscription

➤ Access to building projects.
➤ Access to urgently requested projects.
➤ Advertising your company in the competition.
➤ Your company will appear recommended in the first or second position every time a customer in your area publishes a project.
➤ Extended file with your company data and the possibility of uploading up to 20 photos of previous projects.
➤ Certified company insignia.


Security rules

To publish a good ad, we recommend that you follow these steps:

➤ The images and description must be of quality and refer exclusively to the project or service that you are going to publish.
➤ Correctly assign a category and subcategory if necessary.
➤ Write the announcements appropriately, providing the necessary information to describe the project or service.
➤ Prices must be in line with their market value.
What not to do:

Posting the same ad multiple times is not allowed.
Have more than one account and upload the same ads.

Tips for customers

➤ Do not trust products or services with prices that are too low or photos that do not look real or are from a catalog.
➤ Look at the profile of the professional to see his seniority, as well as the evaluations that other customer have made about him.
➤ Do not send advance payments.
➤ Do not send your password or user data.

Tips for professionals

➤ Check the customer’s profile to see his seniority, as well as the assessments that other professionals have made about him.
➤ Wait for another customer if is needed.
➤ Do not send your password or user data.

Use and data protection

You can consult the data protection policy at the following link